The Leadership Factory's V-Learning Academy.

Our V-Learning Academy is designed to provide leadership and management development through our online portal. Our SPRINT approach to learning enables us to offer full development sessions through a combination of offline and online activities.

Our V-Learning Academy is built on the concept of SPRINT learning. The SPRINT approach provides concentrated learning in short two hour online sessions, supported by offline resources available on our portal which is accessed via mobiles, laptops or tablets. We limit the group size to nine to enable a higher level of participation and smaller breakout teams of three. Programmes can be delivered in short timescales of 2-4 weeks to minimise disruption and concentrate learning.

We currently are delivering a range of innovative virtual development programmes for a range of clients including:

  • A Pathfinder accelerator programme for aquaculture based companies on behalf of Highlands & Island Enterprise, all delivered through virtual workshops and coaching over a 3 month period.
  • An innovative five day sales training programme for a major UK retail business
  • Growth Leadership programmes for senior business leaders on behalf of Scottish Enterprise
  • Our Principally Women programme aimed at senior female leaders across Scottish public, private and third sector organisations on behalf of Scottish Enterprise
  • A management development programme for DataLab


For busy managers this is an ideal solution. I have cancelled numerous events just because of the amount of time out of the office in the past.

The online sessions worked brilliantly and it is a testament to the you all for managing to adapt so quickly!

Very well managed and didn’t feel I was missing out by not being physically in the room.

Our V-Learning Academy has four main features:

 Online learning portal to support each programme, with relevant videos, podcasts and articles for participants to use in their own time.


Online 2-hour virtual classroom sessions enabling group learning with full sessions and breakout rooms.

Focus on action centred learning in the virtual classroom sessions.

One to one online coaching for participants to support the application of learning.

The discussion and introduction of models and approaches is presented through short 5-10 minutes videos which enable participants to learn at a time that is most convenient to them. This approach optimises the time participants spend together in the group sessions, enabling them to focus on real life challenges and opportunities.

Our online programmes offer a full range of leadership, management and team development, but designed so learning can be delivered either fully virtually or as a blend of virtual and face to face. The choice of approach is particularly relevant when participants are:

  • Geographically spread
  • Time limited
  • Prefer a blend of self and team learning

Our V-Learning Academy offers many suites of activity: V-Lead, V-Manager and V-Coach

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