TLF Launch EnergiseMe

The Covid-19 pandemic has pushed concern about people’s mental health and wellbeing to the top of the organisational agenda, and here at The Leadership Factory we have been working to help our clients support their people during this time, and into the future.

We are very excited to announce that, in partnership with London based New Wave Learning, we are launching a new app-based development programme in Scotland called EnergiseMe, which empowers individuals with the essential skills to help manage stress, optimise wellbeing and boost performance. Over two weeks the programme combines 3 one hour facilitated group sessions with four hours of online learning using the EnergiseMe app, helping individuals to improve overall personal and professional wellbeing. The EnergiseMe programme combines engaging creative content, interactive smart technology and human touch points that provides a leading edge, cost-effective approach to supporting the personal and professional wellbeing of your people.

Learn more here.

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