Thomas Johnstone is a specialist fit-out contractor working with premium brands across the leisure, retail, commercial and public sectors throughout the UK.

What we did:

We worked with top leadership in Thomas Johnstone to create a leadership & change programme that would build leadership capability and address strategic challenges within the business.

We worked with 12 emerging leaders in the business on a programme of core leadership skills. The group was divided into 3 teams, each of which was given a strategic project to work on over the duration of the programme. The team were supported with innovation tools and techniques, and development on effective team working.

Each team was allocated a project sponsor from the Board, whose role was to explain the strategic challenge and context, and coach and mentor the team to address the challenge. The sponsors were given development on coaching to enable them to support them teams.

At the end of the programme each team presented their analysis and recommendations to the Board. These pitches were requesting both agreement and investment to address the strategic challenges and move the business forward.

The programme had several outputs:

  • changed the role of top leaders from directing to coaching
  • developed leadership potential in the cohort
  • made significant impact on strategic challenges



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