Scottish Enterprise is a sponsored non-departmental public body of the Scottish Government which encourages economic development, enterprise, innovation and investment in business.

What we did:

The Leadership Factory have delivered the Scottish Enterprise flagship leadership programme, Growth Leadership, since 2007. The programme is aimed at senior leaders and decision makers in organisations. The Growth Leadership programme is designed to help companies to:

  • Identify and integrate your values into the business culture
  • Develop a more successful business that is a fair place to work
  • Drive engagement, innovation and productivity
  • Increase business resilience and agility to drive faster change
  • Develop strategic decision-making

What's included? 

Programme assessments and resources

  • Diagnostic assessments: personal assessments/diagnostics are undertaken by each participant before the programme
  • Learning portal: access to customised content specific to the key topics of the programme e.g. learning materials, videos, presentations, podcasts
  • Action learning groups: participants learn together, share issues and solutions with other experienced leaders who will support, challenge and inspire each other
  • Forward action planning: to measure the programme’s impact; track progress against action plans to date and plan next steps
  • Feedback and planning discussion: based on diagnostic results, identify and agree action
  • Leadership workshops: an integrated programme of 5 workshops
    • The four interconnected levels of leadership(self, team, organisation and community/society) - effecting positive change through leadership
    • Values-based leadership- leadership values and aligning workforce and business strategy
    • Workplace innovation, fair work and progressive people practices-
      leading and embedding a culture of innovation and change throughout the organisation
    • Innovative and inclusive business structures- organisational decision making and models; distributed leadership and employee voice
    • Change leadership and resilience awareness of change and its impact- creating and sustaining resilience

Delivering success  

The programme adopts a blended-learning approach to help you succeed:

  • Leader-centric: focuses on your individual business context and priorities
  • Action-learning based: outcomes are based on action plans that align with your company’s growth aspirations
  • Collaborative: delegates work with each other to identify solutions and deliver results
  • Measured: identifies business metrics at the start and end of the programme to determine impact


The programme transformed my role as a leader in the business. These coaching sessions were some of the most valuable hours of my professional life to date. It is very rare to have an opportunity to discuss business challenges with another professional and gain helpful input from them in a supportive way.

Stuart Common, Sales Director, Mackie's of Scotland



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