TLF Launch EnergiseMe

The Covid-19 pandemic has pushed concern about people’s mental health and wellbeing to the top of the organisational agenda, and here at The Leadership Factory we have been working to help our clients support their people during this time, and into the future. We are very excited to announce that, in partnership with London...

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The 2.5% Challenge

Most of us who have occupied senior management posts will recognize the challenge of finding time to change things in the business or team. We can spend a whole week chasing our tails trying to put out fires and solve problems, and by Friday afternoon realize that Monday’s list of good intentions remains unblemished...

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Business support for life sciences

We are proud to be part of the completely virtual business support programme aimed at helping companies in the north’s life sciences and technology sectors. Developed by Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE), representatives of six aquaculture businesses are taking part in the latest Pathfinder Accelerator programme. The 12-week course is designed to enable participants...

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